Christmas Gift Bundle - All Four Lashes Sets

Christmas Gift Bundle - All Four Lashes Sets



Buy all four sets of Jenna McDonnell lashes (including gift wrapping) - £36.




Each of the Jenna McDonnell lashes have been uniquely designed to suit individual eye shapes and sizes. These lashes have been 16 months in the making as Jenna has designed them specifically to enhance a certain eye shape, size or style which is listed in the individual descriptions of the lashes.


Betty lashes

The Betty lash is the ultimate full and fluffy eye enhancer. Its length and thickness has maximum impact, yet is weightless on the eye. The consistent length thoughout means it will lift and open the eye from the inner to the outer edge. These beautifully formed lashes are perfect for the full effect makeover.


Lucy lashes

The Lucy lash has been designed with impact in mind. These showstoppers are ideal for those with large eyes who just want more! These ‘window blind’ effect lashes mean eyeshadow wont be wasted and will shine perfectly through each section – Ideal for special nights out!


Annie lashes

The Annie lash has been designed to create a natural yet full effect lash; specifically concentrating on a weightless look. Their fluffy and long appearance mean that these will help open the smallest of eyes.


Tessa lashes

The Tessa lash is for those who want a slightly more natural look, as they are curly and short with a flutter of length on the outer edges. They work perfectly with hooded eyelids that just need a little boost!

Individually each set of lashes is £10 each